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Events Management

All events packages are created individually according to your needs and requirements.

Our speciality ranges from conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops to club events, parties and dinner parties.


Attention to detail is key.  We will work closely with you to understand your ethos and the message that you wish to communicate because every event is different, with it's own style and personality.

Our speciality ranges from conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops to club events, parties and dinner parties.

To note internally my fee is 20% of the expenses

if i'm required to be on hand i charge per hour depending on time (standard, essential, premium)

Travel Management

Services include:

  • Optimize your flights based on personal preferences

  • Present detailed itineraries for an upcoming trip

  • Reserve your Car and have it ready when you arrive

  • Compare pricing of hotels to find the best deals

  • Arrange pickup services for your trips home from the airport

This service brings you all the benefits of having a PA dedicated to support you without the risks or responsibilities of employing a permanent member of staff.

Email and Diary Management

Services include:

  • Email Management - filtering, sending and receiving

  • Arranging meetings

  • Booking Meeting Venues

  • Find new restaurants and venues for entertaining clients

Responding to emails and managing your diary can eat in to your working day and often results in delayed responses to important business contacts or a cluttered diary that doesn’t allow for travel time between meetings or an all important break in your day.

Give SOFY direct access to your mailbox allowing us to action and respond on your behalf. Allow us to represent you by giving us an email address from your company and your business contacts need never know that you are outsourcing.​​

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Social Media Management

Services include:

  • Managing your social media accounts

  • Schedule posts and manage comments

  • Monitor social media conversations for new messages, followers, and engagement

  • Updating your social media profiles

  • Networking in Facebook groups relevant to your business

  • Managing your Facebook groups

Social Media is a hugely popular form of smart online communication aiding nearly every business with marketing, promotion and networking.

Contact us now, sit back and relax watch your social media presence thrive.

Do you have a support need not listed here?

Contact us by email or by telephone on 0203 657 9060 for a free informal chat about your requirements.

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